Living the Faith

Living the Faith

Current Known Service Opportunities

Supervisor Verification Form (must be filled out and signed by the Service Supervisor)

The Living the Faith program (LFP) is founded on the message and ministry of Jesus. Christ reached out to all people with His love, yet He touched in a distinct way the poor, the sick, the oppressed, the weak, and the needy. We, as disciples and Christ’s hands in the present age, are called to reach out to all people in love and to assist those in need.

Central Catholic echoes the need for our students to learn, serve, and carry their ministry beyond the school’s walls. Through Religion class, students are instructed in the teachings of the Church and the message of the Gospel. The LFP is designed to complement this learning with ‘hands on’ experiences that challenge students to live the faith more concretely as it is passed on to us through Jesus Christ. This lived experience is intended to reinforce and solidify the student’s understanding of living the Gospel message by bringing Christ to others through charitable acts.

Every quarter students are required to do 5 hours of Christian service.  At least 4 hours must be Christian service while 1 hour may be Civil service as explained below. 

4 hours: Helping people who are disadvantaged
CHRISTIAN SERVICE hours consist of the spiritual and corporal Works of Mercy (outlined below) as well as service hours offered to local Parish Churches.  Services to Parish Church include altar serving, mission trips, religious education teaching aids, etc.  These hours directly assist the Parish Church, not the Parish School.

1 hour: Helping people through school or community service
CIVIL SERVICE hours consists of any service for Central Catholic High School and/or Parish Schools (St. Mary’s, Epiphany, Holy Trinity).  Other services that may also be accepted include service to the community such as Teens United, Scouts, etc, unless it is prohibited as explained below.

Hours that will not be counted
Although babysitting, doing yard work for an elderly relative or neighbor, or helping the environment and animal shelters are all commendable, they will not be counted among the 5 required service hours (even if it is with an organization listed above).  For hours to be counted, they must meet the above criteria and be offered through an official organization or institution, not an individual such as a neighbor, friend or family member.  Baking goods must be done through an official organization and pre-approved by a member of the Theology Department.  Baking at home and delivering the goods to an organization will not count.

I. Checklist for a “Living the Faith” Project:

____ Incorporates one or more of the Works of Mercy
____ Can be seen as furthering the Message and Ministry of Jesus
____ Brings the student into direct personal service of another person or persons
____ Is well-supervised and is easily verified by a supervisor other than a parent



II. Examples of Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy: (students are not limited to these options)

Work of Mercy:

Basic Examples…

Feeding the Hungry

St. Mary’s Food Pantry, Midwest Food Bank, Clare House, Missionaries of Charity, St. Vincent de Paul (Holy Trinity)

Giving Drink to the Thirsty

Same as above

Clothing the Naked

St. Vincent de Paul clothing drives

Sheltering the Homeless

Clare House, Safe Harbor, Habitat for Humanity, Home Sweet Home, St. Anthony Outreach program at St. Mary's Church

Visiting the Sick or those in Prison

Manor Care Heritage Manor, Westminster Village, Bickford House, BroMenn/OSF

Instructing the Ignorant or Teaching the Faith

Catholic Charities, SPEC, Special Olympics, CCD, Bible Camp, Big Brothers/Sisters

Comforting the Afflicted or the Sorrowful

Nursing Homes, Living Alternatives, Birthright

Burying the Dead

Serving at funeral Mass as an Altar Server or Cantor

 III. Guidelines

1. Students are required to complete a minimum of 5 service hours each quarter. Due dates for turning in these hours follow:
Monday, October 10
Monday, December 5
Monday, March 6
Monday, May 8 
Students will also be reminded during their Theology classes.

2. Students will complete a reflective component in their theology class on 10 service hours each semester.  This component will count as 10% of their semester grade.  Students cannot turn in a reflective component for a grade until at least 5 approved hours are completed per quarter and approved by his or her theology teacher.  If a student does not turn in his or her reflective component on time he or she will receive a zero.  Students have until the end of the semester to turn in late essays for ½ credit.
3. This program is not optional. Annual participation is a requirement for graduation.
4. For a project to be counted, the student must turn in a signed verification form from a supervisor other than a parent or relative.  
5. Students may not receive monetary compensation for any service project.
6. If there is any doubt whether the service can be counted, one should contact a member of the Theology Department at Central Catholic before the service is performed.  
7.  This page serves merely as a resource for students and parents to better understand the Living the Faith program.  Students are taught about the Works of Mercy and the Living the Faith program in their theology classes.  Any questions regarding the program should be directed to a member of the Theology Department.