Spiritual Life

Mass Schedule 2018-19
Weekly (Chapel)
Wednesday -- 1st Lunch hour
Friday --  7:20 a.m.
All School (Auditorium)
11:00 a.m.

Thursday, August 15th
First Day of School
Wednesday, September 12th
Triumph of the Holy Cross
Friday, October 5th at 9:00 a.m,
Thursday, November 1st
All Souls Day
Tuesday, November 20th
Thursday, December 12th
The Immaculate Conception
Wednesday, January 7th
St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton 
(first day back to school)

Friday, February 1st
Catholic Schools Week 
(ALL Schools Mass at St. Patrick Church of Merna)
Wednesday, March 6th
Ash Wednesday
Wednesday, March 22nd
Lenten Weekday
Thursday, May 8th
May Crowning 
Sacrament of Confession  
Weekly (Sacristy in Chapel)
Tuesday during first lunch
Friday during second lunch
All School (Chapel and Gym)

At the heart of CCHS is the spiritual life of the school. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered at least twice a week in our Chapel and once a month in the auditorium with the entire school.  The weekday liturgy is on Wednesday and Fridays.  Wednesday's Mass is offered during 1st lunch, and Friday's Mass is offered at 7:20 am.  At this hour there are the fewest conflicting classes or other events scheduled; the priority is to allow students, staff, and faculty the opportunity to unite themselves with the Universal Church in prayer. All School Masses are priority celebrations of the faith in which all students, faculty and staff take part during the school day.
The Sacrament of Reconciliation is generally offered twice per week during lunch. The entire school is also invited to participate in reconciliation services held during the Advent and Lent seasons. Our Chaplain is also available for the sacrament of penance, personal conferences, and spiritual direction as needed.
Catholic devotions and pious works adorn the walls, halls and surroundings of CCHS to show forth the richness and beauty of the faith. The school also offers adoration available to students, parents and staff every Friday during the academic year. Furthermore, heeding the call to a new evangelization, we celebrate feast days and periodic devotions with processions, particular prayers and special Masses.
Students also engage in charitable works, including:
  • Completing at least 10 Living the Faith hours every semester
  • Marching in Washington D.C. in support of Life every January
  • Fasting for the poor during the 24 for 24 days held during Holy Week
Through a commitment to service and faith, the school enriches its communal life, built authentically in Christ. Central Catholic High School works to inspire our entire community to seek all that is good, true and beautiful - to seek a full and fulfilling education that will continually transform and renew all of us.