Concession Instructions

ALL OF THE INFORMATION IS PROVIDED IN A NOTEBOOK IN THE CONCESSION AREA! It is also available online so you are able to familiarize yourself with concessions procedures prior to working an event.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to help with concessions. Operating concessions is a fundraiser for both the MPA and Music Department students.    Profits from the Homecoming Cookout and Chili Supper are allotted to the MPA account.  Profits from girls’ basketball games are totaled, divided by the total number of workers and allocated into the student accounts based on the number of shares earned by that student (including the shares earned for a student by their parents’ participation).  

At least two adults must work each concessions event.  Other volunteer openings may be filled by students or adults.  Only adults should accept cashbox, prepare food, complete the closing checklist and count final money.   

If you have any problems, contact a CCHS staff member in the building for urgent situations or contact the Concessions coordinator.  Phone numbers for MPA Executive Committee members to call for advice are also in the concession stand notebook.

The Concessions Coordinator will send a reminder email to all volunteers 2 days prior to the event.   All workers, adults and students, are responsible for finding their own replacement worker if they are unable to work for any reason. Please notify the Concessions Coordinator of any changes or if you are unable to work due to an emergency.

Uniformed referees only are entitled to free food/beverage. Everyone else, including coaches, players, and cheerleaders, must pay unless the CCHS Athletic Director tells you otherwise.

Lastly, please leave the cafeteria as clean as or cleaner than you found it.

Thanks again for your help!!


  • Cashbox can be obtained from a CCHS staff member.  Look for Jeanne Osterbuhr or Doug Atkins.  If receiving the cashbox, count and verify the starting cash.  A form is in the cashbox to signoff on starting cash received.
  • Everyone working concessions needs to sign in and out to confirm the number of hours worked in order to receive credit for the students’ account.   A sign-in sheet as well as the schedule of workers for this event is included in this concession book.
  • Set up candy on the serving line.  Extra candy is located in the small storeroom on the west wall in the kitchen.
  • Turn on oven (if baking pizza, etc.).  Use top oven.  It takes an hour to warm up. 
  • Turn on warmer and set temp all the way up.  This will be used for maintaining hotdogs and pizza to safe temperatures.
  • Food preparation is documented below including suggested amounts to prepare.  The popcorn popper must be attended to at all times to avoid burning any popcorn!
  • Post menu & price lists.  Place master copy on the counter for sellers.   Place decorative signs on front of serving station for customers.
  • Unlock pop/water cooler.  Keys are on the counter by the candy.  It should be completely stocked.  If you need more water – it is in the walk-in refrigerator.  Be sure to only sell the water or pop provided by the school.  Other groups may have beverages labeled in the refrigerator for their use only.  If you add water or pop to the pop/water cooler, include the number of bottles added on the Closing Checklist. 
  • If selling Gatorade, add Gatorade to the pop/water cooler from the refrigerator.  Note on the Closing Checklist if the Gatorade was labeled from the Music Parents or not.
  • Set out ketchup & mustard (found in the refrigerator).  

Food Preparation

When handling food that is not pre-packaged, (such as hotdogs and buns) Always wear food-service gloves.


  • Boil hotdogs and then simmer on low so they don’t split, according to package directions.  Pans can be found by the walk-in coolers.  

  • Hotdogs can be wrapped and served in a foil wrapper or parchment.  Both are found on the preparation area near the stove.  If using parchment paper, cut paper in half first.  1 sheet of parchment should wrap 2 hot dogs.

  • Place wrapped hotdogs in the warmer on a metal tray.  That makes them easy to serve from the serving area in front.

  • Quantity: Start with 1 package of hotdogs.  If moving quickly prior to start of varsity game, prepare more.  Keep track of total prepared for final checklist.


  • Oven should be turned on by first person arriving for concessions.  It takes about an hour to warm up completely.

  • Bake pizza according to package directions.  Bake the cheese and one all meat pizza first.  This will provide cheese, sausage and pepperoni pizzas and keep them from overcooking as they sit in the warmer oven.   Watch sales and allow enough time to prepare the 3rd pizza to meet demand.

  • Use a pizza cutter to cut the pizza into 8 equal slices.  Place cut pizza in the warmer on a metal tray.  

  • Quantity: We bake 2-3 pizzas at most games – all cheese, ½ cheese & ½ sausage and ½ sausage & ½ pepperoni.  


Gondolas from Avanti’s will be picked up and are already prepared.  Most games will have 18 portions – Avanti’s will prepare 6 gondolas cut and individually wrapped into thirds. 


Important Precautions: 
Always have the kettle motor switch OFF when not popping corn. 
The kettle will get very hot! USE CAUTION ALWAYS.

Operating Machine:

o    Turn HEAT and LIGHT switch to ON (Wait 3-4 minutes for kettle to heat up).

o    When ready to add oil and popcorn, turn KETTLE MOTOR switch ON to start the motor.  DO NOT FORGET TO COVER THE KETTLE OR THE OIL AND POPCORN WILL SPRAY OUT ALL OVER THE SIDES OF THE MACHINE. 
Recipe:  1 cup popcorn, oil to fill bottom of kettle( approx 1/4 cup) and salt to taste.  There should be a small 1/8 cup size measuring cup for the popcorn salt. You can add salt to the kettle with the unpopped corn.  If not enough salt, adjust salt on next batch.


o    If you are making several batches continuously you do not have to wait for machine to reheat. It will already be pre-heated.  Remember to turn HEATING LIGHT SWITCH to ON in order to keep your popcorn warm.


o    Quantity: Most games, start with 5 batches of popcorn.  Continue to pop more as needed to meet demand.  Half-time of varsity games will be the busiest sales.  Track number of batches popped on final checklist.

o    Clean popcorn machine – inside and out.  Put back all popcorn supplies and machine in the storeroom – on the south wall.

  • Allow kettle to cool
  • Remove popped corn
  • Use paper towels for cleaning machine.
  • Remove the “old maid” pan, empty unpopped kernels and wipe clean
  • Clean the inside of the machine.  Carefully wipe clean the kettle, & kettle lid.
  • Clean exterior.
  • Have someone help by lifting up popcorn popper to clean under machine. 


  • We will be tracking numbers of items sold at game.  Accurate pop and water counts are needed as the school will charge the MPA account for beverages sold.   Food items sold will help us better estimate quantities needed.

  • Pop & water should be completely stocked.  If you need more water – it is in the walk-in refrigerator.  If you add water or pop to the pop/water cooler, include the number of bottles added on the Closing Checklist. 
  • Hotdogs, pizza, gondolas - To track sales, we’ll track starting numbers and subtract any remaining at close to determine sales.
  • Candy - We do not need to track candy sales.


  • Two adults are responsible for counting the money. The money is recorded on a form in the cashbox, with both counters signing the sheet. Also record opening and closing cash on the  Closing Checklist.  Once complete, the cashbox can be returned to Jeanne Osterbuhr or Doug Atkins.
  • One adult is responsible for completing the Closing Checklist, which notes number of products sold, ending cash, and notes for concessions coordinator.  It is also important to let the concessions coordinator know of any problems / comments / suggestions.  Leave completed Checklist in the Concessions Notebook.

o    If you add water or pop to the pop/water cooler, include the number of bottles added on the Final Checkout sheet. 

o    Determine number of pizza, gondolas, hotdogs sold

o    Determine water, pop and Gatorade sold.  Make sure to note if Gatorade came from Music Parents or school’s supply.

o    Note quantity of water or pop added to cooler

  • Clean popcorn machine – inside and out.  Put back all popcorn supplies and machine in the storeroom – on the south wall.
  • Hotdogs, buns, pizza – if unable to sell, can be given away / taken home.  Popcorn cannot be given away.
  • Sweep floor.  Push in chairs.
  • Wash off tables and counters.  You can use a bowl found in the dishroom with hot water & dish detergent to clean.  Leave any rags used in the dishroom, hung over the sink.
  • Wash and air dry all kitchen utensils used.  You should use hot water & dish detergent and then leave items on the side of the sink to be run thru the dishwater the next day. 
  • Empty garbage cans and replace liners.  New liners are under the counter in the serving area.  The garbage dumpster is off the loading dock – on the right.   Note:  that door locks on closing.
  • Put candy back in the small storeroom – west wall.  Return ketchup & mustard to refrigerator.
  • Return Gatorade to refrigerator.  If it came from the Music Parents supply, make sure it’s put back in the same place and clearly labeled MUSIC PARENTS and DO NOT USE.  If school’s supply, then stack with other pop/Gatorade in the cooler. 
  • Lock pop/water cooler and place keys under Mrs. Hoerdeman’s office door.  Complete a 2nd closing checklist or the sheet provided by the school to note how much pop/water sold so that MPA is charged for this correctly.  That is also put under her door.