Spanish 1

Spanish 1 is an introduction to the language and cultures of Spanish-speaking countries. The students are introduced to beginning vocabulary, proper sentence structure, accurate pronunciation, basic grammar topics, and cultural awareness.  Unit topics include greetings/farewells, personal descriptions, foods, clothing, daily routine, school, and more.  Students are assessed using a variety of written, reading, listening, and oral assignments.

In addition, Christian morality (i.e. honesty, respect for others and property, and working to one’s potential) and issues of social justice are also stressed. Prayers are learned in the target language, and religious topics related to the culture are discussed.

Students are expected to spend time outside of class studying and practicing the language. Additional help is available before and after school.  Students who earn a “C” or higher in foreign language tend to be better prepared for the next level.

Class Google Doc - Useful links, daily lessons, learning targets, and homework