Honors Algebra - 8th Grade

Honors Algebra - 8th Grade
Instructor: Mrs. Beckwith   

Supplies needed everyday:

  • Textbook
  • Pencil or pen
  • Notebook for math only (3-ring or spiral)
  • Completed homework assignment (homework is assigned almost daily)
  • Calculator
Go on-line to get extra help!
1.  Go to www.phschool.com
2.  In the bottom right there is a box called Course Content and boxes to type in web codes.  Type in "ate - 0802" (for chapter 8, section 2).
3.  Then click on the "Go" box just to the right of the code.  (NOT the box below it that says ">>Click Here").

You should see a page that says Homework Video Tutor.  Click on the lesson and get step-by-step instructions.