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English 11 Classroom Policies
Mrs. Garibay
The general guideline for classroom behavior is courtesy and respect. Be courteous and respectful, and you in return will receive courtesy and respect. To that end, the following is asked of you:

1. Please be in your assigned seat when the tardy bell rings.
2. Avoid asking to leave the room except for emergencies. Please take care of your personal needs before you come to class.
3. Be ready to begin class as soon as the tardy bell rings. The final bell is your signal that you are to be seated quietly in your assigned seat with the proper text, paper, and pen.
4. No food, drink, or gum in class.
5. If you need to see me outside of class I am generally in the room by 7:20 and here until 3:00. Homeroom is also another option.

A large part of being a successful student is being a responsible student. The following guidelines will be followed to encourage greater student responsibility.

1. You are expected to bring your own paper, books, and writing utensils to class each day.
2. When homework has been assigned, students are responsible for bring their work to class on the day it is due. Assignments are usually picked up at the beginning of class. 
3. Assignments will be given orally and posted on the boards as well as on my English 11 class website. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check on your missed assignments upon your return to class. If a student is absent the day an assignment is due (either homework or a test) the work is due on the day the student returns to class. If you missed a test or quiz you will need to schedule time with me upon your return to take the test or quiz before or after school, during your study hall, or during Homeroom. Make-up work and tests and quizzes are not done during class time. For assignments that were given while you were absent, you generally have two days to make-up work for each day you were absent.
4. Cheating on any assignment is an automatic zero in the gradebook.
5. Keep track of your grades on your Skyward Family Access Page. I generally post grades on the web page two or three times a week.
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English 11 2013-2014 Syllabus

First Semester
1. Writing units from Language Network grade 11 text:
Chapters from “Essential Writing Skills” section
#11 “Writing Process in Action”
#12 “Writing Effective Paragraphs”
#13 “Writing Effective compositions”
#14 “Elaboration”
#15 “Revision Strategies”
#16 “Stylistic Choices”
***Chapters from “Writing Workshop” section: #17 “Reflective Essay”; #18 “Eyewitness Report”; 24 “Research Report”
***Chapters from “Communicating in the Information Age”
#25 “Using Information Resources”
#26 “Evaluating Information”
Note: #24-26 will be done in conjunction with the American History research project.
2. The colonial period in American literature, Collections 1, 2.
3. The Crucible, Collection 15
4. The Revolutionary period Collection 3.
5. The Romantic period Collections 4,5.
6. Transcendentalism Collection 4
7. The Civil War and its aftermath Collections 6,7.
8. American poetry-Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson Collection 8

Second Semester
1. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
2. The Realism period of American literature, Collections 9, 10
3. ACT review/college application essays/resumes
4. Chapters from “Writing Workshops” in Language Network
#19 “Literary Interpretation”
#20 “Comparison and Contrast Essay”
#21 “Business Writing”
#22 “Persuasive Argument”
5. The Moderns 1914-1939 period Collections 11,12,13.
6. The Great Gatsby
7. Contemporary period 1939-present Collections 14,16,17,18.
8. A Separate Peace or Their Eyes Were Watching God
9. A Raisin in the Sun, Death of a Salesman, or The Glass Menagerie

Note: A research project will be done second semester in conjunction with The Great Gatsby
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